Championship Dates for 2020

Saloon Stock Cars

Last Updated: 16/02/2020 11:00

EventTrackDate2018 Winner
WorldMildenhall15th August116 Diggy Smith
BritishKings Lynn16th May116 Diggy Smith
EuropeanCowdenbeath20th and 21st June306 Daniel Parker
NationalTaunton6th and 7th June306 Daniel Parker
UKSkegness11th and 12th July116 Diggy Smith
ORCSkegness5th and 6th September116 Diggy Smith
EnglishNorthampton2nd May730 Deane Mayes
ScottishCowdenbeath25th July684 Ian McLaughlin
Irish OpenNutts Corner4th April171 Adam O'Dell

Stock Rods

Last Updated: 16/02/2020 11:00

EventTrackDate2019 Winner
WorldCowdenbeath12th and 13th September314 Jack Kennedy
BritishNutts Corner13th June909 Justin Washer
EuropeanKnockhill15th May41 Stuart McKinnon
NationalSt Day & Taunton16th and 17th August41 Stuart McKinnon
EnglishSt Day5th July437 Lewis Trickey
ScottishCowdenbeath24th October83 Mike Bethune
IrishNutts Corner25th September57 Raymond Harper
ORCNutts Corner14th June272 John McAllister


Last Updated: 05/12/2019 16:00

EventTrackDate2019 Winner
ORCMildenhall8th May368 Charlie Santry
BritishCowdenbeath20th and 21st June927 Owen Robbins
NationalSkegness6th September629 Taylor Borthwick
English OpenHednesford31st August499 Alfie Aldous
Scottish OpenLochgelly25th July368 Charlie Santry

National Bangers

Last Updated: 31/12/2019 08:00

Championship Dates With UK/Ireland Solus Dates
PaddywackUnlimited Bangers - European Masters ChampionshipNutts Corner8th March 2020
World CupUnlimited BangersCowdenbeath18th April 2020
Inacarace 2.0 Banger World Final2.0 BangersNorthampton9th May 2020
ShamwreckUnlimited BangersTullyroan31st May 2020
WorldUnlimited BangersTaunton6th June 2020
Scottish ChampionshipUnlimited BangersLochgelly25th July 2020
Unlimited Banger World of ShaleUnlimited Banger World of ShaleKings Lynn5th September 2020
PRI WorldNational BangersBristol20th September 2020
Spedeworth - Unlimited World FinalUnlimited BangersIpswich3rd October 2020
European Championship - Belgium
EuropeanUnlimited BangersWarneton6th September 2020