The following is a list of ORCi sanctioned formulas

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars
BriSCA F1 Stock Cars

BriSCA Formula One Stock Car racing is what most people consider the pinnacle formula in Stock Car Racing on the short ovals.

National Hot Rods
National Hot Rods

Regarded as the fastest formula on the UK ovals, these specialised and highly tuned coupes and hatchbacks are amongst the most professional racing categories in UK Oval Motorsport.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

BriSCA F2 is the largest Single seater motor sport in Europe and offers fast, spectacular race action, as drivers push, shove and hit one another out of the way, in pursuit of glory.

2L Saloon Stock Cars

Saloon Stock Car racing could be described as gladiatorial and not for the feint hearted, these are fast cars that produce some of the most spectacular race action, as drivers push, shove and hit one another out of the way, in pursuit of glory.


The V8 Hotstox are full sized Stock cars just like the BriSCA F1s, but instead use a Rover V8 for power with controlled rules on tyres, suspensions and engines; making the V8s a cheaper option to race and allows for entertaining action whenever they appear.

2L Hot Rods
2L Hot Rods

Spectacular, fast and relatively cheap; the 2.0 Hot Rods offer drivers all of the thrills of hot rod racing without the large financial commitment of National Hot Rods.


The Superstox formula is Spedeworth Motorsports oldest and original formula of racing that the Spedeworth Company was founded upon over some fifty years ago.

ORC Ministox

The formula is based on a 998cc original Mini, as manufactured by British Leyland with armouring and a 1000cc engine to allow children to partake in a racing formula as a grounding towards racing in the senior formulas raced at ORCi tracks.

National Ministox

The National Ministox Club was founded in the mid 1970’s and based on an original car with armouring and an 850cc engine to allow the kids of the parents to partake in a racing formula

1300 Saloon Stock Cars

The 1300 Stock Car Formula was introduced by Spedeworth / Incarace in the early 1990’s and has been thrilling oval race fans ever since.

Micro F2 Stock Cars

The ultimate starter formula for UK Stock Car racing. Based on the principles of fun, and low costs, this is the perfect way for children to enter into the world of Stock Car racing.

ORC Stock Rods

Stock Rods offer fast, precision racing, where drivers look to skilfully find a way to overtake others to get to the front. Often, there can be as many as 25 cars on a small 1/4 mile tarmac track, which leads to exciting racing


A non-contact formula, Legends are raced world wide, were born in the U.S.A. and allows you to race without the high cost sometimes involved with motor racing.

National Bangers

The 'National' Bangers as the name suggests is a full contact, crashing formula. This is the last stop on the line that leads to the car crusher for somebody's one-time pride and joy, which has generally failed the dreaded MOT test!

Ninja Karts

The UK’s short ovals’ biggest junior formula, Ninja Karts offer drivers as young as 6 years of age the opportunity to take their first steps into a career in motorsport.

Classic Hot Rods

The Classic Hot Rods of today are the the 21st century spin on the race cars that back in the seventies were the National Hot Rods, the pinnacle of non contact oval motor sport.


Stoxkarts are the smallest of the contact formulas on the Ovals and very much designed for budget racers.

Lightning Rods

Regarded as an entry level ‘Rod’ formula on the UK ovals, these ‘oldskool’ rear – wheel drive saloons offer very competitive and side by side non-contact racing.

UK Modifieds

The UK Modifieds are a class of racing derived from the USA where they are raced in a class called "Mod Lites".