ORCi Ministox Information

Last Updated: 02/02/2017 15:00

The following information has resulted from a notable tidying up of administrative related issues for Ministox, to help ensure consistent approaches by all promotions.

There will be complimentary admission for Driver plus 1 guest (typically a parent).

2017 Championships
The three major Championships for 2017 are agreed. These dates are to be solus.
ORC - Barford - 30 April
British - Lochgelly - 10 & 11 June
National - Taunton - 3 September
The staging promotion shall announce the format of the event significantly in advance. Each Ministox promotion shall be offered a minimum of 5 places at each Championship event. If a promotion does not take up that allocation, the places can be allocated by the staging promotion, amongst other promotions.

2017 Domestic Championships
Each track (note, track, not promotion) is permitted to stage one (and only one) ‘named’ domestic title event. These events do not have solus status.

It was agreed that the following section of the ORC Ministox Specifications must continue to be adhered to.
New drivers will be deemed to be ‘ROOKIE’ drivers for their first THREE meetings and must start at the rear of the grid and must paint the boot lid with a black or white cross. The Steward of the Meeting will be empowered to ask a driver to remove the cross once they feel that a reasonable level of confidence has been achieved. New drivers must only race at their home promotion until they are considered competent enough to compete fully. (source – Driver Requirements – page 1 of the ORC Ministox Specifications)

Race Winners
Each race winner will move to the back of their grade for the remainder of that meeting.
Points scored at “away” meetings shall be included by the “home” promotion, when calculating drivers’ grades. (source – Rule 17. Roof Colours/Grading – ORC Ministox Specifications)

All races to score top 10 places – 10 points down to 1 point.
Points to be doubled for ORC, British and National Championship – i.e. 20 points down to 2 points

Dual Licensing
The option of Dual Licensing has ceased.
For the 2017 season onwards:
1/ A driver chooses which promotion they wish to register with
2/ Each promotion has a Points Championship, and the winner of that Points Championship wins that promotion’s silver roof. Note, for example, only a PRI registered driver can win the PRI silver roof.
3/ Any driver, regardless of their promotion, can win the Track Championship. For example, a driver registered with Incarace could win the Barford Track Championship.

Cherished Numbers
Each promotion has a unique prefix:
0 – Crimond; 1 – Spedeworth; 2- Incarace; 3 – RDC; 5 – PRI; 6 – GMP Scotland; 8 – Barford; 9 – Autospeed
A promotion can request a ‘cherished number’ from a fellow promotion – for example, Autospeed requested “870” from Barford. The “home” promotion can release the number, but must not issue it themselves – i.e. in the case of “870” there can only be one “870” racing ORC Ministox.