Ministox Rules Clarification

Last Updated: 26/04/2017 16:18

Clarification on items in 2017 rules.

Iron work, (bumper extensions N/S)
With immediate effect. All bumper extensions back, front & side are to be removed before the car will be allowed to race.

Roll cage rear supports must conform to the rule book drawing, as follows,
The roll cage hoop located behind the driver must have two rearward support bars (one each side of the car) running from the VERY TOP OF THE HOOP  downwards to the internal steel work These support bars must be a minimum of 40mm x 40mm SHS or 38mm tube (minimum 3mm thick).

Promotions should check that no part of the driver’s seat is positioned further back than the rear roll cage hoop; there should be a clear gap of a minimum 100mm, between the hoop and the rear of the seat.

O.S. Front track control. 
The standard arm should be used and is NOT ALLOWED TO BE SHORTENED camber on OSF wheel when measured should be no more than + / - 2dec a per Glasses Guide... The exception being that you may lengthen the arm by 20mm to compensate for sub frame damage, modified components are not permitted to be adjustable on the vehicle and should still when measured be no more than  + / - 2dec.
Front and rear Bumpers (Curved Profile & Double Irons On front) As of 2018 all bumpers must conform to the drawing in the rule book and be flat profile as shown.