Technical Update Ministox Sub Committee

Last Updated: 30/04/2018 19:25

RULE 4: ENGINES The committee are aware that certain pistons are being used which do not have any manufacturer''s casting marks. To clarify these are permitted for use in 2018 but must be to UK specification, however, their use for 2019 and beyond will be reviewed. Pistons with manufacturer’s casting marks are not permitted to have these removed.
RULE 6: STEELWORK – Reminder that the rule is: The steelwork may be used as a location for the sub-frame mounting brackets, however all original components must be retained.  It is not permitted to mount the rear radius arm direct to the steel work.  It must be mounted in the standard manner.
RULE 7: INTERNAL STEELWORK This rule refers to all internal steelwork, and not just rear of the engine compartment.
RULE 10: SUSPENSION REAR With immediate effect the permitted camber (positive or negative) on the rear wheels can be a maximum of 2 degrees.