ORCi Ministox at Incarace

Last Updated: 20/08/2018 14:13

Having only had a handful of ORCiMinistox meetings at Incarace tracks over the last couple of months we now ave  four meetings on the horizon during the next month or so, starting with this Saturday which sees the staging of the Midland Championship at Birmingham Wheels.

We are back at Birmingham on 8th September giving drivers track time in readiness for the BRITISH Championship on Saturday 22nd, which is the final of the 2018 Major Championships.

In respect of the travelling drivers for the British, we have also put a meeting at Hednesford the following day where drivers will be racing for the Hednesford Open Championship.

If you would like to book in for these meetings, then please remember, you must do so with your regsitered Promoter who will them pass the bookings onto us here at Incarace.

Please note that all cars are welcome at all meetings.

To sunmarise the meetings coming up at Incarace….
Birmingham        Saturday              25th August                        Midland Chamionship
Birmingham        Saturday              8th September
Birmingham        Saturday              22nd September              BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP
Hednesford        Sunday                 23rd  September              Hednesford Open Championship