ORCi Ministox Technical Clarification

Last Updated: 10/03/2019 15:58

Reminder that the 2019 Technical Specifications state:
Two chicken bars must be fitted horizontally to the rollcage on both sides of the car, mounted between the A and B rollcage pillars (the sill bar is not considered to be a chicken bar). The chicken bars must have two vertical connecting bars between EACH one and must be symmetrical on both sides of the car.
To clarify, due to the nature of Ministox having an internal chassis rail butted to or stepped off the outer rail, running along the inside of the car, front to back, as long as this rail is the full width between the A and B pillar it doesn''t have to connect to the A and B pillar directly. The same goes for the lower chicken bar.
Please note that due an error the following should have been crossed out of the 2019 Technical Speciations
The use of an after-market threaded adjustment type control arm is allowed on the NSF, but must NOT when removed, be in excess of 20mm in length from a standard arm (i.e.310.5mm max).