Lightning Rods

Regarded as an entry level ‘Rod’ formula on the UK ovals, these ‘oldskool’ rear – wheel drive saloons offer very competitive and side by side non-contact racing, with high speeds and spectacular tail-slides guaranteed from these experienced drivers in large cars.

Many drivers come into the formula after competing in other classes so they have the skill and competitive nature to put on an excellent show every time.

This non-contact class can be seen across the UK from Scotland to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to the Midlands and South of England. With 15 – 25 cars often on track at the same time, Lightning Rod Racing requires the utmost in car control and Driver commitment offering Race Fans fantastic close racing action.

Developed in the 1980’s when the Ford Sierra was plentiful, Lightning Rod Racing is developing into utilising a much more modern chariot in the form of the BMW 3 Series although Sierra’s are still very prominent in the class and both marc’s have retained the 2.0Ltr Pinto engine as the powerplant with a Yokohama Control Tyre transferring that power to the track.

There are a growing number of Oval Race Car Fabricators to choose from through the UK although there is still much scope for the Fabricator/Driver to build his own bespoke car and the highest percentage of Drivers still do. The rules for the formula are strictly controlled by the Spedeworth / Incarace governing body, with rules on design, power-plant, drive train and tyres being controlled to maximise safety, control costs and maintain fairness.

As with any Class of Motorsport, your budget to a degree may control your success on track but it is still possible to compete on a modest budget. There are very often second hand cars available for sale ranging from £2000 - £4000 depending on age and specification.

Race it. It is a non - contact sport, but race incidents do happen and your car could be hit! Officials will monitor the circuit closely and take action against those committing misdemeanours outside the Rules!

There are no entry fees for the race meetings and the licence fee for the yearly season is £70. With a large number of venues offering meetings for Lightning Rod Racing, drivers can choose to race as little or as often as they wish and may choose to broaden their racing experience by participating in events further afield across the UK mainland, from Scotland to Northern Ireland and the South of England, although Championship Events may be by Qualification and Invitation only.

Running costs are subject to damage but are in the region of +/- £75 per meeting.

The drivers are some of the most skilful and talented on the ovals, circulating centimetres apart at full race speed with pushing and shoving front and back and thousands of a second in which to make a decision, go by or push on through! They all have one aim, to win, whether it be a normal Heat Race or a World Championship!

Last updated  01 April 2020 16:14