National Banger Committee Update June 2020

While there is no racing going on at this moment due to government restrictions on the free movement of the population, plenty of cars are being built in preparation for the anticipated return to racing, although none of us know when that will be.

When the new Committee met some time ago now, there were discussions over the way forward with National Banger rules and how much pressure was needed to restrict the indestructablity of cars modified with race parts, and the inherent costs in preparing the cars. The Committee briefly discussed an approval process for the manufacture of parts, and whether it is feasible, or desirable for those people making parts to submit them for inspection and approval, so that these parts can be sold to drivers with the confidence that they will be accepted by scrutineers at all ORCI tracks. Often parts are advertised as being ‘OK for use at Spedeworth’ or ‘Passed at Trackstar’ when in truth all ORCI tracks should be at the same standard, and drivers parting with money should be confident in the product they pay for.

There is now an ever increasing range of guards, tanks, engine mountings and even exhaust systems available, for all cars from unlimited down to Micros, none of which have ever been officially approved for use, except by individual scrutineers and their interpretation of the Rulebook. 

The Committee would now invite all those producing these parts to submit them for approval before offering them for sale, and this can be done in the interim by consulting your local Committee member, and we will see if it is possible to progress this approval scheme.

Stay safe

National Banger Committee-Graham Bunter (Chairman), Rob Mills, Paul May, Paul Adams, Tony Fidoe, Steve Bugler, Chris Jacklin,  Phil Morris, Andy Tidmarsh

Last updated  13 June 2020 13:54