National Banger Kit Suppliers

Over the past four months, the National Banger Committee has been inspecting parts made for use in National Banger racing, including H frames, engine mounts and various engine guards to check that these products are made to the rules in the 2020 National Banger rules issued by the ORCi. The following have submitted their products for inspection, and these have been approved for use as being made to the current regulations 

  • Ben Sealey
  • Joey Holmes
  • Phil Lambley
  • Alec  Jenner
  • Ash Riley
  • Stu Kearsley
  • Ash Law
  • Ben Mynott
  • James Ellis

The inspection of these products does not in any way give approval to the suppliers with regard to product liability, warranty, or quality control. Customers must satisfy themselves as to these aspects of their purchases, as there is no liability to the ORCI or any of its officials in this regard.

The National Banger Committee will continue to monitor new products as cars evolve, and will publish findings as and when these come to market. Meanwhile, drivers may use products from these suppliers in the knowledge that they will pass scrutineering at any ORCi track. 



Last updated  22 July 2020 08:26