ORCi Update 30th June 2020


As all will be aware, everyone is hyped up understandably, in wanting to get back to normal and allow a crowd in albeit we may have to accept restrictions. Promoters businesses are suffering considerably and many fans and drivers want a return, and promoters are equally 'ready' to go!

There is a 'frenzy' currently based on different announcements, almost by the hour. The ORCi is 'primed' and 'ready' for the oven and the official go ahead to more fully re open the throttle as and when we have proper guidance. There is speculation, different people doing differing things, but, frustratingly, NO official guidance we can follow. We are in touch with other activities, elite sports and similar to compare notes. They neither have an clarity from Horse Racing in huge rural settings and a different horse power to Brands Hatch apart from a horse may sneeze!

Below, the ORCi has today written [ again ] for more clarity to the Department for Media Sports Culture, this will be our third such contact since May. We are also consulting with 'contacts' around the UK to establish what we can and cannot do. We publish below the letter to the DCMS just to demonstrate, we too simply want to see wheels spinning and protect our sport.

We hope to be in a position to update you how we move forward to the benefit of promoters, drivers/race teams and our respected race fans.

On the interim, keep safe



I write to you as Chairman of the Oval Racing Council International and British Stock Car Racing association, governing body of stadium motorsport / entertainment whom currently are operating within Covid 19 policies and operating only practice events with limited attendees as per current government advice. We allow no spectators currently.

We are trying to interpret government advice that comes into effect on 4th July which clearly impacts on our business sector moving forward. Different EHO authorities have different guidance.

Question one: Are the following classed as 'tourist attractions' as per the link below ; Motorsport, Grand Prix F1, Circuit racing, stadium motorsport, speedway, horse racing, Monster Truck Shows, Greyhound Racing, football and Rugby - et all - whilst sports, they are also entertainments and, by definition, a tourist attraction. Tourist attractions specified like zoo's, theme parks etc can allow paying spectators with Covid 19 protocols, Therefore can you clarify that the above fits into tourist attractions and therefore, may open for business and what guidance and where may be sought for 'numbers' permitted to pay to enter

Question two: If one HSE/EHO regional office states ' we are a tourist attraction' yet others do not agree can that one venue operate yet the others can't because of a different view from other Regional centres - what is the joined up thinking.

Question three: Given proposed changes on 4th July, some of our venues wish to operate as Motorsport UK are planning, to operate within Covid 19 rules behind closed doors 'competitive events' - As we understand this appears acceptable as Motorsport UK have issued permits to re commence competitive action.

Question four : MSV.com [ regulated by Motorsport Uk ] and owners of Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park, Oulton Park, Snetterton etc today have said spectators may return from 11th July [ with social distancing policies. ] 
Is that correct ?

We wish as you would understand to generate revenue to protect these businesses, information is diverse and lacks clarity. Can motorsport stadia/arenas return with a paying audience and from when and under what guidance.

I would appreciate urgent clarification.

Kind regards,

Steve Rees
Chairman Oval Racing Council International

Last updated  01 July 2020 09:23