Conflict in Ukraine


In support of many sporting decisions and sanctions invoked by colleague governing bodies and institutions in recent days. The ORCi Ltd condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Steve Rees ORCi Chairman said, ‘We have all seen only too shockingly what has and is currently happening in Ukraine and as such we extend our thoughts and sympathies with all those suffering as a result of the invasion from Russia. 

From our own perspective, unlike many other sports, we do not have currently competitors competing in the UK from Russia or Belarus however we do align with our colleagues in Motorsport UK and other institutions and similarly, we suspend until otherwise notified, participation in our sport in the UK to those who may wish to do so in the future from those Nations, should such a request be received. We appreciate, in meaningful terms sanctions wise, this itself may only be a gesture in terms of policy but we feel it needs stating to demonstrate our own support.

Our thoughts remain with all suffering from this terrible conflict across Europe and in Ukraine and those friends and relatives domiciled in the UK”


Last updated  14 March 2022 19:39