ORCI second meeting of 2022

Off the back of a great Easter weekend across the organisation; ORCi members, along with the Group Insurer, were invited to attend the second face to face meeting of 2022 recently.

The first “proper” Easter weekend since 2019, meant it was a busy one across the Ovals; thankfully, the weather was by in large good, meaning for a great Easter for the Promoters. A bad day’s weather really would have a significant impact on one of the most important weekends of the year.

Challenges and issues continue to be the main focus of the Group, ways to address that and ways to move forward were centric to discussions of the meeting. Like everyone, the cost of living is going to play it’s part, costs are going up and up, Promoter's aren't exempt of that fact, race days are expensive to stage. As an example one of the biggest over heads; Insurance, saw a significant increase last year, with 2022 set to have a bigger increase further, meaning margins are taking impact, which ultimately will affect the bottom line. It's tough out there for everyone, on all sides of the fence. 

There are lots to be positive about though and there’s some great racing around the Ovals. If you can, please support the tracks. Car share and maybe take a friend next time you’re heading racing?

Look after yourself and each other.

Keith Organ

ORCi Secretary

#WatchIt #RaceIt

Last updated  03 May 2022 18:59