Autumn meeting for ORCi Members

Last week over 20 representatives of the ORCi Members Full Council, including representatives from Holland and the Group Insurer, were invited to attend the Autumn meeting in Birmingham.

Whilst the Season wind’s down, challenges and issues continue to be the main focus of the Group; the role of the ORCi, ways to address that and ways to move forward were core to discussions of the meeting.

Like everyone, the cost of living isn’t getting easier, costs continue to go up and Promoter's can’t avoid that either, race days continue to cost more to stage. It's tough out there for everyone, on all sides of the fence. Short Oval isn’t just about the racing, it's the social element aswell and continues to act as escapism for everyone from every day life; it is truly fantastic to see some great support around the Ovals to the end of 2022.

Car numbers seem to be holding up incredibly well which is a huge testament to driver’s desire to race. We are pleased to be able to confirm licence fee’s, where they are issued by the ORCi, would not be increasing in 2023.

There are lots to be positive though – the Banger World Final and Saloon World Final weekend shows the Sport is still strong - the upcoming Top Gear episode will be great PR for the Sport. There’s some great racing around the Ovals. If you can, please support the tracks. Car share, take a friend and maybe take a newbie with you.

Take care and see you trackside soon, enjoy the racing.

Keith Organ

ORCi Secretary


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Last updated  29 October 2022 10:39