Spring meeting for ORCi Members

The Full Council ORCi members recently met along with key stakeholders in Birmingham for a routine quarterly meeting.

The Short Oval Community continues to face challenges from a number of factors, but in general the Sport seemingly continues to hold up well in spite of external pressures.

The Full Council continues to discuss and keep a focus on safe guarding the current Sport and looking to the future. As part of this, the ORCi will soon be looking to create a Youth Forum, aimed at encouraging the younger generation of fans to get involved to talk about issues affecting the Sport and air ideas around this; with a view of feeding these ideas in to the main ORCi body.

Discussions also continue around Climate Change and what the community can do, as a whole, to address this; with a view of keeping this on every agenda going forward and would hope that the Youth Forum might act as a support of this.

The ORCi is fully committed to doing what it can to safe guard the Sport, as best as it can and exploring opportunities presented.

It’s been a fantastic year so far around the Ovals and we look forward to seeing what the rest of 2023 brings.

Thank you everyone for the support already in 2023; we hope to see you around the raceways.


Keith Organ

ORCi Secretary

#WatchIt #RaceIt

Last updated  15 May 2023 19:15