BriSCA F1 Stock Cars

BriSCA Formula One Stock Car racing is what most people consider the pinnacle formula in Stock Car Racing on the short ovals. With over 60 years under the belt, this formula has been a popular past time for drivers and fans.

All cars are purpose built, open wheeled, single seater racing cars. They are designed and constructed to very strict specifications and are now engineered with a great deal of skill after fifty years of evolution.

The cars themselves weigh 1500 kilos and are built for gladiatorial style racing. They have the ability to remove the opposition with steel bumper work used, in most cases, with a great degree of accuracy and skill. They are powered by finely tuned V8 engines and the gearing is designed to be quick change depending on what length track and/or surface they are appearing on.These aggressive machines attract racers from all walks of life all enjoying the adrenalin rush of power and roar of a V8 whilst having to think quickly on their feet to challenge the opposition. A grid can range up to 36 machines all fighting for the chequered flag. Drivers are graded on their ability and past performance and this is indicated by the colour of their fin. Unlike many forms of motorsport the superstars of the field have to start at the back of the pack and force their way through to the front within a limited amount of laps. Lower graders i.e. lesser experienced racers who are learning the track craft, line themselves up towards the front of the field and have to be ready and prepared to try and hold off their main rivals until the chequered is waved.

The thrill and spectacle of BriSCA FI Stock Car Racing is something not to be missed. They travel all over the UK, Holland and New Zealand. The formula has over 200 licenced drivers and the season runs from March to November. The licence fee for a season if £125, competitors receive start money at each event along with prize funds for each race.

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