Classic Hot Rods

The Classic Hot Rods of today are the the 21st century spin on the race cars that back in the seventies were the National Hot Rods, the pinnacle of non contact oval motor sport that often appeared on the Saturday Television show World of Sport featuring legends Barry Lee and George Polley.

With the taste for nostalgia, the passion to see the classic race cars of the 1970's back in action around the circuits led the Incarace promotion to introduce the formula Classic Hot Rods.

CHRs have come a fair way in the last few years, developing from a demonstration formula with a few cars 'racing' for no points, into a fully fledged formula with points and championships to match any other class. They have captured the imagination of the discerning and lay fan. The appreciation of Escorts, Anglias, Vivas, Avengers and A40s stunningly prepared and raced on a knife edge is obvious and standing amongst fans, it is a delight to hear and see the enjoyment the fans have for the racing.

There are two main engines permitted in CHRs, the 1700 Ford Crossflow and the two litre overhead cam Pinto. These engines are permitted a fair amount of modification in order to give the power output of around 180 bhp.Tyres are of slick based race stock (Avon A10's) and the bodies are not allowed any space frame sections and must remain as were in the seventies, steel bodied shells with fibre glass bonnets, boots and doors permitted.

The formula in the UK race at the top established Tarmac ovals of Hednesford, Ipswich, Northampton, Birmingham, Wimbledon and Lochgelly. In Ireland they race at Tipperary, Tullyroan and Aghadowey.

This supercool retro formula is proving to so popular because fans can identify with the cars. Dad can remember these cars from when he was a kid and aspired to a cool 'hot', car of his own. Likewise, the young fan can learn about 'real cars' racing 'old skool' like they did in the 'good old days.' Equally, this class benefits from the cross over interest from a huge following that old Fords have on the road and the classic car scene in general.

Classic Hot Rods are not just any formula. Drivers who compete in CHRs recognise there is more to it than racing at any price to win. The cars they race are beautiful. They are expertly built and prepared. They are rare, they are valued. They are indeed treasured. Drivers invest significantly to compete in this formula - historic National Hot Rods - and they know they have a responsibility to the formula, as Classic Hot Rods are the short oval equal to the Historic Touring Cars that race at Goodwood, Silverstone, Oulton Park and other established circuits throughout the country.

From the nerve gangling speeds inches from the wire and posts of Wimbledon to the sweeping speeds of the Ipswich and Hednesford bowls, Classic Hot Rods have what it takes to fill the race fan with a heady sense of nostalgia, bringing the best of the past to be enjoyed in the present. It has been rewarding, the level of positive feedback the Classic Hot Rods have received from the fans present who simply enjoyed the whole colourful spectacle of famous cars screaming past leaving the eyes dazzled, ears buzzing and nostrils filled with the beguiling smell of racing oil!

If you too would like to race or be involved otherwise in the Classic Hot Rod formula where you and your car become the star, then please get in touch via the Facebook page here

Last updated  13 July 2020 15:13