With an average base of 40 registered drivers, Oval Track Legends typically compete on all of the Spedeworth/Incarace ¼ mile tarmac tracks. A full race season consists generally of 16 National Points Championship rounds which starts in March and runs through to November. The series also runs in conjunction with INEX in America which places the UK drivers in the world standings.

The race format at meetings consists of two graded heats and one feature final. Drivers are graded on their results from the previous round, are given a race average and then divided up into 6 grades. The lower average drivers start at the front of the grid and the higher averaged to the back.

A non-contact formula, Legends are raced world wide, were born in the U.S.A. and allows you to race without the high cost sometimes involved with motor racing. The rules are strictly enforced and performance enhancements are not allowed. These ingredients ensure safety and cost control. Therefore, the emphasis really is on driver ability.

It’s a fun, family orientated and affordable formula for anyone. The cars are easy to maintain given that they are quite a small, single seater, virtually open wheeled race car – 5/8th scale fibreglass bodied replicas of either Ford or Chevrolet, Coupes or Sedans from the 1930’s. The power comes from either an FJ1200cc engine from a Yamaha road bike or a sealed 1250cc engine. Hard compound Federal tyres, a set of which will normally last a whole season, combined with a short wheel base give the cars their own unique handling characteristics.

Prices for a new car are in the 14k bracket, while second hand cars can be bought from around 6k to 10k depending on their age and condition. A full spares package is present at every race meeting should drivers need to buy new parts after damage or for repair.

Oval Track Legends have their own dedicated website which carries all information required including the latest race reports, links to photos from each event, up and coming race dates, cars for sale and all the latest news.

Costs involved in applying for the two licences required to race an Oval Track Legend (ORCi and INEX licence) are £160 approximately per year although entry fees are free. Running costs vary depending on damage but it is safe to say that replacement parts are inexpensive and readily available.

Visit the Oval Track Legend website for more information about the series and contact details.

Last updated  01 April 2020 16:07