Ninja Karts

The UK’s short ovals’ biggest junior formula!!!

One of the recent success stories for the ORCi, the Ninja Karts offer drivers as young as 6 years of age the opportunity to take their first steps into a career in motorsport. Drivers are able to race in Ninja Karts until their 11th birthday before graduating to the likes of Ministox, Junior Bangers and Junior Rods.

Ninja Karts are a spectacular sight on the short ovals of the UK as the youngsters slice and dice their way to the front in this non-contact class which can be seen across the UK from Scotland and Northern Ireland to the Midlands and the South of England.

The majority of Ninja Karts are purpose-built from the ground up for the rigours of short oval racing and come with sealed engines meaning that it is a driver’s ability that gets their car to the front as the 50cc engines are strictly controlled to ensure fairness and a level playing field.

Second hand cars range from £1000 to £2000 ready to race. New cars can range from £2800 to £3500 again ready to race. You can also build your own car as per the formula’s rulebook which can be accessed through the various promoters’ websites.

Race it. Unlike circuit kart racing, Ninja Kart racing typically sees the stars of the sport start at the rear of the grid; to win they have to make their way through a field of often over twenty cars. It is a non-contact sport and officials monitor the circuit closely and take action against those committing misdemeanours!

There are no entry fees for the race meetings. The licence fee for the year is £40. With a large number of meetings and venues offering Ninja Kart racing, drivers can choose to race as little or as often as they wish and may choose to broaden their racing experience by participating in events further afield across the UK mainland and Northern Ireland. Championship events for the formula may see only the top seeds from each promotion invited to compete. Running costs are subject to damage but are very low; often with just the cost of fuel to power the Kart and travel costs to take into account.

Last updated  01 April 2020 16:13