Stoxkarts are the smallest of the contact formulas on the Ovals and very much designed for budget racers.

Originally based on a Go kart Chassis, they are now purpose built for contact racing and they all run identical Dyno tested and sealed 390 Honda Engines, no suspension, controlled tyres, one single gear ratio and are all controlled under a very tight rule book.

There are 2 age classes in the formula, Juniors who race from 11 to 16 and seniors 16 to 65. The unique point of the Stoxkarts on the ovals is that both Juniors and seniors can race the same Kart at the same meeting with no modifications needed.

The Junior Class is an ideal progression from Ninja Karts or Micro F2s when the child reaches 11 and another bonus is that when a child reaches 16 they do not need to do any modifications or get a new vehicle to race in the seniors, they simply need to paint their wing.

The racing can be described as hectic. With grids averaging around 30 in the seniors it is often 4 or 5 abreast with plenty of action and bumper work. They race on both tarmac and shale surfaces and the same tyres are used on both surfaces.

You do not have to own a Kart to be able to race one, as Stoxkarts have a fleet of hire Karts they take to all the tracks they visit. This is an ideal way to try before you buy. They also run an arrive and drive package where you own the kart but they maintain it and deliver it to the track for you to race.

A race licence is £80 for seniors and £65 for Juniors. The formula is pay to race at £30 per meeting but if a Junior and Senior share a kart it is £50 combined fee. There is no prize money but all race winners receive a trophy and there are several championships that are raced for during the season.

The formula is very much based around Budget, Second hand karts are available from around £2800 to £3800 with brand new Karts around £4500. Many drivers spend under £300 a year on damage and repair. Tyres are controlled and last a minimum of 1 season on the front and some drivers are still running 6 year old tyres on the rear!

Stoxkarts are currently the only Oval Contact formula running receiver in car radios where race control is in contact with every driver on track.

For more information on the formula, rules, how to hire and fixtures please visit the official website

Last updated  01 April 2020 16:12