The Superstox formula is Spedeworth Motorsports oldest and original formula of racing that the Spedeworth Company was founded upon over some fifty years ago. Just Like the organisation itself the cars have come a long way, although the very essence of the class remains to this day.

Again the class has a proud heritage, former F1 Grand Prix, Le Mans and BTCC front runner, Derek Warwick was 1973 Superstox World Champion and Nascar Truck Competitor and Legends World Champion, John Mickel is also a former 1990 World Superstox Champion.

This Full – Contact class can be seen across the UK from Scotland to Northern Ireland and across the South of England. With 20 – 30 cars often on track at the same time, Superstox Racing requires the utmost in car preparation and Driver determination offering Race Fans fantastic close racing action with car on car contact! The formula is not Banger Racing of any sort though so a high degree of dexterity is required by the driver intent on winning,

The Superstox in the modern era is built on specially designed spaceframe chassis, powered by semi - tuned 2.0Ltr Pinto or Zetec Engines, and running on a semi competition treaded tyre. The speeds these cars can achieve in such a confined space has to be seen to be believed.

There are a growing number of Superstox Builders to choose from through the UK although there is still much scope for the Fabricator/Driver to build his own bespoke car. The rules for the formula are strictly controlled by the Spedeworth / Incarace governing body, with rules on chassis options and design, power-plants, drive train and tyres being controlled to maximise safety, control costs and maintain fairness.

As with any Class of Motorsport, your budget to a degree may control your success on track but this is a full contact Formula where the novice has every right to retaliate to a faster Star Driver coming through the field! There are very often second hand cars available for sale ranging from £3000 - £7000 depending on age and spec and specific Companies can provide a made to order service on a car ‘on the button’ or supply you all the parts to self – assemble your own car as per the formula’s rulebook which can be accessed through the Spedeworth / Incarace Promoters’ website.

Race it. It is a full - contact sport and your car will be hit – but you can strike back too! Officials will monitor the circuit closely and take action against those committing misdemeanours outside the Rules!

There are no entry fees for the race meetings and the licence fee for the yearly season is £70. With a large number of venues offering meetings for Superstox Racing, drivers can choose to race as little or as often as they wish and may choose to broaden their racing experience by participating in events further afield across the UK mainland, from Scotland to Northern Ireland and the South of England, although Championship Events may be by Qualification and Invitation only.

Running costs are subject to damage but are in the region of +/- £180 per meeting.

The drivers are some of the most skilful and talented on the ovals, circulating centimetres apart at full race speed with pushing and shoving front and back and thousands of a second in which to make a decision, go by or push on through! They all have one aim, to win, whether it be a normal Heat Race or a World Championship!

Last updated  01 April 2020 15:59