UK Modifieds

The UK Modifieds are a class of racing derived from the USA where they are raced in a class called 'Mod Lites'.

The cars are mainly built in the USA and shipped to the UK but some cars have been constructed here too, the racing in this formula is non contact.

The cars all use standard Japanese 4 cylinder bike engines 1000cc to 1300cc along with the matching gearbox, turned round so the drive to the rear axle can be taken from the output of the gearbox, some cars have a ratio change rear axle.

Chassis are space framed in construction with easy to cut and form flat and folded aluminium panels bolted on to make up the body.

These cars are very light on tyres and the running costs are very reasonable, a typical 1.6 road car can easily tow a UK Modified on a trailer so transport costs are also quite slim if they need to be.

The formula has operated since around 2009 but has really started to come on leaps and bounds in 2015 with the addition of a few ex BriSCA F1 drivers, but there are also drivers from a diverse array of other formulas including Autograss that take part, the fxture list features a realistic amount of dates at a variety of tracks on both shale and tarmac surfaces.

Please visit the website where you can find all the details including pics of bare cars showing all the chassis and engine details

Last updated  01 April 2020 16:15